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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Thing To Do Today: morph.

Are you pleased with yourself?



If you're not that pleased with yourself then there's good news: it is possible for you to morph a bit...

(no, I know that jaguars can't go dark at will, but individuals of a single species that exists in different forms are called morphs).

Time can do amazing things all by itself, for a start:

No, I think you probably do know those nice young men.*

And here's someone who regularly transforms himself quite triumphantly:

Tootsie 060609.jpg

Do I have to say that both those pictures are of Dustin Hoffman? The second one is him in the film Tootsie.

So, what do you really want to turn yourself into?

A rock god?

Ah. Really?

Oh dear. Well, that's a challenge. Well, at least looks and talent aren't actually compulsary...

...perhaps you could start by buying a guitar, learning to pay three chords (D, A and G are probably the easiest useful ones). And then hiring a hall.

electric guitar solo

Good luck!

Thing To Do Today: morph. This word comes from the Greek word morphē, which means shape.

*These are the shapes into which those nice boys, above, morphed.

Tragedy or triumph?


  1. I do love this! Morphing is what we all do, or what Time does for us. Love both those two boys who HAVEN'T CHANGED A BIT!

  2. Thanks, Adele.

    Personally, the sight of those two boys has made me feel slightly nervous about peering into prams...

  3. One of the greatest (and most disturbing morphs is that of Josef Stalin - google 'young Stalin' and you'll see what I mean. He was really rather dashing.