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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Thing To Do Today: be portly.

Easter can't help but have an effect on the figure: all that chocolate, all that roasted food, all that staying in watching old films because the east wind has reduced the temperature to something on the blue side of freezing. 

So, as we're going to be occupying more space than previously, then I can only suggest we be portly.

Portly has a nice dignified ring to it, after all. Portly is impressive. Portly is comfortable in its own roomy skin.

Portly is unapologetic. Portly proudly follows its own paunch into the most glittering of social occasions.

Portly is cheerful and unthreatening.

So, if we can't be slim, then let's not be blubbery, gross, or fat.


Let's be portly.

Thing To Do Today If You Can't Be Slim: be portly. This word come into being in the 1500s and is basically the same word as is found in deportment. It used to mean stately or impressive, and still does have something of that ring about it. It comes from the Old French porter, to carry, from the Latin portāre.

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  1. Hmm ... you're right about its more positive connotations (or less negative), but I still don't ever want to get to a stage in life where people are describing me as 'portly' : o )