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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Thing To Do Today: squelch.

These boots:

Rain Boots & Umbrella Clip Art

are made for squelching.

At the moment, as I write this, the only noise I get from walking anywhere is the cracking and crinking of ice: the snow has frozen hard, and the car's white mohican is welded on so solidly that even several trips along the motorway haven't budged it.

So I feel nostalgic for a good squelch, especially now we're in April. As dear Flanders and Swann pointed out long ago:

April brings the sweet spring showers,
On and on for hours and hours.

Except that at the moment the showers are all snow...

Ah well, there are other ways I can squelch. If someone suggests we break the ice so we can go for a nice swim in the canal I can soon squelch that idea. Ditto a picnic on the beacon, or anything at all that involves a tent.

If I were an electrician I could squelch my radio amplifier - ie cut it off when there's no signal, to prevent that annoying hiss it otherwise makes.

And if all else fails I can always mash up some rhubarb for some jam.


And how gloriously satisfying.

Thing To Do Today: squelch. This word arrived in English in the 1600s, and is an imitation of the noise it makes.

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  1. Under the heading of Things you really don't need to know is this fact about SQUELCH. I had a foam rubber pillow to which I was very attached as a young child and that was called SQUELCH. Makes me feel quite sentimental just thinking about it.