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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Thing To Do Today: sketch.

The artists among you will I'm sure be delighted to be given an excuse to sketch something.

Like this:

File:Carlo Bisiach sketch portrait.jpg
by Carlo Bisiach

But what about you others?

Well, you could sketch a wavy line and call it Worm. Or possibly Storm, if the line comes out a bit blotchy.

Or you could sketch a straight line and call it either Horizon, Ladder or Take Off, depending on which way it is pointing.

You could sketch a circle and call it Moon, or Pond; or perhaps, if you're feeling amibitious, you could draw two dots above it and call it Surprise.

If you're feeling really ambitious, then sketch your best friend sitting in an armchair. Then give it the title Number Two On The Edge Of Tomorrow. If nothing else, it'll give people hours of fun trying to work out what it's supposed to be.

If the visual arts leave you cold then perhaps you could try making some other sort of a sketch: a short descriptive piece of writing, perhaps, or something similar but for a musical instrument.

You might also see if you can acquire a sketchy knowledge of something.

Though I'm sure we've all got that already.

Thing To Do Today: sketch. This word comes from the Dutch skets, from the Latin schedius, hastily made, from the Greek skhedios, unprepared.


  1. The visual arts don't leave me cold, but I leave them cold. It was a humbling day when I realised my four-year-old daughter could draw (considerably) better than me.

    1. But who's say you're rubbish, Ed?
      Grayson Perry's first Reith Lecture on this subject:

      is brilliant. Funny, too.