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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thing To Do Today, Or Possibly Not: be rude.

No, no, it's all right, I'm not going to say you're a pointy-headed gargoyle.

No, nor a bitter and twisted bungler, either.

And of course the last thing I'm going to call you is a thick-witted nincompoop. No, not by the rudest estimation could anyone think you were one of those.

Good heavens, no. There's always a friendly welcome here at The Word Den. I'm delighted to see you, and I hope you're in the very rudest of health, that your place of rest last night had nothing in common with a rude hovel, and that, wherever you were, you were coaxed gently into wakefulness by the muted singing of angels  bearing nectar and ambrosia, and had therefore the opposite of a rude awakening.

The Word Den is honoured to see you.

No, really.

We're absolutely overwhelmed with the privilege.

File:Gargoyle Sticking Out Tongue.JPG
York Minster. Photo by SaraJB

Or something.

Thing To Do Today. Or Possibly Not: be rude. This word comes from the Latin rudis, which means coarse or unformed.


  1. Oh, but I have to confess to my thick-witted nincompoopish moments!
    Many of them in fact!
    But now that I'm considered old, I'm allowed to have them. I think! :)

    As much as I have wished otherwise at times, I never have been able to be outright rude to a person. And I am still rather shocked when I see/hear somebody else doing so.
    I guess that's an age thing too, but it really shouldn't be, should it.
    (Add a question mark if you wish!) :)

    1. Oh dear. I was looking forward to get wiser as I got older, but perhaps that's a vain hope.
      My ambition was to get more calmly tolerant, too, and sweeter-natured.
      Ah well. I suppose that all I can do is try.