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Friday, 15 November 2013

Word To Use Today: mutchkin.

Mutchkin is too splendid to leave cold and unused in the dark pages of a dictionary.

Why, mutchkin is a word to make the day sparkle. Just saying it out loud is enough. Try it!

Mutchkin. Mutchkin! Mutchkin, mutchkin, mutchkin.

There we are. You're feeling happier already, aren't you?

Mutchkin not only a heart-lifting word, but it's a useful one, too. A mutchkin is measure of volume equivalent to about three quarters of a pint, 425 ml, or about 1.8 cups US.

You can use for liquids, for powders, and for granules such as sugar.

'Some custard with your pie, sir?'

'Just a mutchkin, if you would be so kind.'

How could anyone, anywhere, possibly resist its charms?

Word To Use Today: mutchkin. This word comes from the Dutch mudseken, from mud, which means, more or less, hectolitre.


  1. It is indeed a delightful word, and I for one will be using it more often.
    In fact, I think I will have myself a mutchkin of wine!

    1. Thanks, Jingles. You're quite right. Away with units and centilitres. What we all need is a good quaff at a mutchkin!