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Friday, 22 November 2013

Word To Use Today: sennet.

We must start today's post with a fanfare:

(The long trumpets that heralds play are traditionally valveless (which is why they can only play fanfares) but the valved trumpet in this video could play anything for as long as the trumpeter's arms can hold the thing up. Actually, by the look of it, the end of that trumpet has been welded on. And why not. The intrumentalist is Randy Dunn.)
The reason we're being so grand is that a sennet, in addition to being a nice crisp word, is a fanfare. 
Sennet has most commonly been used as a stage-direction in Elizabethan plays, so it's overdue an outing.
So, do sing yourself a little sennet at appropriate moments as you go about your day. The opening of the lunch box, the entry into the office/classroom/house, the exit from the train or bathroom, all deserve a little sennet to acknowledge anticipation or success.
Possibly not too loud a one in public, though.
For those poor souls amongst you who refuse to sing, a sennet is also a barracuda shark, especially Sphyraena borealis.
He went for me like a starved sennet is a nice turn of phrase.
Though I hope not a very useful one for you during the course of your day.
Word To Use Today: sennet. No one knows why the shark is so called, but the fanfare is probably a form of signet, which means sign.

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