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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Google fonts: a rant.

Like the magnificent Philip Ardagh (and who doesn't)

Philip ardagh web

 I took an instant dislike to the new Google UK logo. He, with his Sherlock-like investigative powers, tracked his antipathy down to the two o s resembling fruit polos, the boiled sweet with a hole:

My own reasons for disliking the new Google logo, however, aren't even slightly confectionery related. 

Those o s stare, for a start: it's like coming face to face with some malevolent clown.

Secondly, Google's logo, which before was cheerful but dignified, has become puerile. Those Google guys may be having a wild time, but the rest of us have businesses to run and research to do. 

I mean, if we want to be, like, crazy, we can do it off our own bat, thank you very much.


Word To Use Today: google. This word is short for googleplex, which is the number consisting of a one followed by a hundred noughts; however, this probably isn't anything to do with the word Google. Google the search engine might instead be a conflation of go and ogle. It might possibly also have something to do with the cricketing term googly: metaphorically, this means to ask a very tricky question.

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