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Friday, 11 September 2015

Word To Use Today: nonage.

You say this word NONNidge. It sounds delightfully grumpy, but it isn't.

Although nonage sounds as if it describes someone shrivelled by age to the appearance of an April apple, it's actually to do with youth.

Nonage is a legal term which means under-age for some purpose, such as signing a contract or getting married.

It can also mean a period of immaturity.

Although the word is used by lawyers, there's no reason why it should be used only by lawyers: I'm at the stage where I rather cherish the idea of being too young for something. 

I'm too young to get an old age pension, for instance - and The Grim Reaper has so far spurned me as a mere stripling.

All of a sudden I feel it my duty to do something really rather youthful and silly...

File:Einstein - Ulm.JPG
Photo by Nono vlf

Word To Use Today: nonage. From non and age. Obviously.

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