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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Must-haves: a rant.

Here is a short list of MUST-HAVES culled from a brief stroll along the virtual spokes of the great World Wide Web.

Remember, these are things you must have, okay? 

From Elle Magazine, a gallery of 30 Must Have ankle boots. (And that's actually not thirty boots, I must tell you, but thirty pairs.) 

Ah well, at least lists almost as many must-have shoe racks, so that's a comfort.

If you're in doubt as to how you'd wear your shoes, well, Italian Vogue offered a list of 27 Must Have coats for Fall/Winter in the 2014/2015 season.

For the gentlemen, Autotrader lists several pieces of new Must Have car technology, one of which is Adaptive Cruise Control

No, sorry, I hven't got the faintest.


I think they all really meant rather lovely.

Oh, and I do wish all those fools would write what they mean!

Word To Use Today: must. This word comes from the Old English mōtan, to be allowed or to be obliged to.

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