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Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Level Playing Field: a rant.

On BBC Radio 4's PM news programme the other day they were discussing the reported industrial-scale swapping of Russian athletes' drug-testing samples.

And, you know something? I'm sure I heard Gary Anderson, the Performance Director of British Bobsleigh, assert on several occasions the importance of a level playing field. 

I don't usually watch sport, but I'd be quite interested to see a bobsleigh competition that took place on a level playing field.

File:Two-man bobsleigh, 2014 Winter Olympics, Germany(08).JPG
photo by Sander van Ginkel

Word To Use Today: bobsleigh. The bob bit comes, astonishingly, from a possibly originally Celtic word meaning a bunch of flowers. Sleigh comes from the Dutch slee, from Old Norse slethi. It's connected with our English word slide.

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