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Friday, 15 July 2016

Word To Use Today: ochlocracy.

Would you like to live in a ochlocracy?

What is one?

Well, the -cracy bit means rules the place, so, for example, a autocracy is ruled, obviously, by cars, a bureaucracy by writing desks and a plutocracy by the god of the no, I'm just joking: a plutocracy is, obviously, ruled by a dog. You get lots of sausages, but it's very difficult to find people to service the lamp posts.

Anyway, given that no one actually knows what ochlo- means, what sort of a ruler would we like to have?

Not easy, is it? 

You want someone extremely efficient who only does entirely wise things...


...that's someone who makes very quick, very well-considered decisions...

...suddenly it seems terribly clear why we're all in such a mess...

Word To Use Today: ochlocracy. The word ochlocracy (I've looked it up) comes from the Greek okhlokratia, from okhlos, mob, plus kratos, power.

I suppose some people would say it's quite similar to democracy, then.

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