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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Thing To Do Today: have fun.

Go on, have some fun!

Listen to the radio, do a dance, admire a steam train, read some Jane Austen, watch a film, clean your oven, groom your dog, get out the Monopoly board, have a run, paint a picture, paint a door, go for a walk, put your feet up, do some shopping, cook a cake, eat a cake, phone a friend, have a bit of peace and quiet, pull up some weeds, admire some wild flowers, think about football, sew a fine seam, write a poem, visit your family...

Well, it's better than doing the exact same things and being miserable, isn't it?

Thing To Do Today: have fun. This word appeared in the 1600s and might come from fon, to make a fool of, in which case it comes from fonne, a fool.

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