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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Thing To Consider Being Today: be dainty

Now, here's a conundrum: who wants to be dainty?

For anyone who aspires to be a (female) ballet dancer it's fine, obviously, but what about the (more numerous) brick layers?

How about teachers, doctors, shop-assistants and fishermen?

How about models and actresses? (They're seldom large, but nowadays even they tend towards the gawky rather than the dainty.)

I fear that self-contained elegance wrapped up in a small parcel has gone completely out of fashion, and that the only examples of daintiness we're likely to see are little old ladies and tea cups.

Still, I suppose there's always canapés.

And kittens:

File:20131203 kitten B.jpg
photo by Wouter Hagens

Thing To Consider Being Today: dainty. This word comes from the Old French deintié, from the Latin dignitās, dignity. 

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