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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Different to: a rant.

Does it really matter whether someone uses different to instead of the more respectable different from?

Isn't this just a bit of of nonsense dreamed up by grammarians? Yes, it's true we don't say differ to, but why should this mean we shouldn't say different toLet's face it, people have been using different to for centuries without the sky falling in.

Well, as far as I can see there's only one good reason, and that was the one displayed recently in The Spectator magazine.

'Naturally, Theresa May has a different interpretation of what a feminist politician should do to some Labour MPs, though perhaps not as different as they might think.'

I doubt the point at issue was there what should be done to some Labour MPs by feminist politicians.

Though, you know something? I'd have loved to read the article if it was.

Word To Use Today: different. This word comes from the Latin differre, to bear off in different directions, to scatter, to put off, and hence to be different.

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