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Friday, 16 September 2016

Word To Use Today: stramash.

This is a lovely word to say, especially if you can say it in one of the accents of its Scottish origin (you say it STRAmash).

You could channel your inner Private Fraser, perhaps:

John Laurie Dads Army.jpg

Stramash means a tumult, or an uproar, or a brawl. I particularly recommend it to the teachers among us - or, indeed, to the heads of any organisation or family.

As if the word stramash as a noun doesn't give joy enough, it can also be used as a verb, when it means to smash or destroy: so we use it to describe the works of dictators, town planners, and puppies, too. 

I really can't think how I've manage to get on so far without it.

Word To Use Today: stramash. This word is Scots and first appeared in the 1700s. It might be an improved and extended form of the word smash.

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