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Friday, 23 September 2016

Word To Use Today: kibble.

Kibble is actually two words - or three if you count a linked verb-and-noun twice - and I can't think why we don't use it more often.

I mean, wouldn't you feel happier for saying the word kibble? You know you want to.


See? Happiness and satisfaction in a twitch of the tongue and a pout of the lips.


A kibble can either be a bucket used in a well or mine for hoisting things, or (especially in America) it can mean pellets used as pet food. 

Okay, I admit you might not come across either of those sorts of kibble very often, but kibbled wheat or rye can be found in some of the chewier types of bread, and kibbled onions are those dried onion pieces sold in tubs to people who don't really like the taste of onion.

Luckily we also have the verb kibble, which means to grind into small pieces, so anyone who uses a pepper mill, or cooks with whole spices, or makes real coffee, is having a jolly good kibble

Sometimes happiness can be found in the smallest things, can't it.


Word To Use Today: kibble. The bucket word comes from the German K├╝bel from the Latin cuppa, which means cup. Sadly, the origins of the pellet sort of kibble is a mystery.

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