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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Thing To Do Today. Possibly: be jaunty.

An odd word, jaunty. It means sprightly in a cheerfully self-satisfied sort of a way. 

Is this a good thing? 

Well, a jaunty salesperson will be full of information and impervious to disappointment, and to see a jaunty stranger must evoke a certain wondering amusement (what's he got to be so pleased with himself about?).

And what has he got to be so pleased with himself about? Well, if it's his own beauty and intelligence (and it's quite easy to tell) then all we can hope for is a happily-placed banana skin. But if it's the glory of the world and its inhabitants that has filled him with enthusiasm and joy then he'll be bringing a bit of sunshine with him.

And we'll all flock round him, to bask in its rays.

Thing To Do Today, Possibly: be jaunty. This word comes from the French gentil, which mean noble. In English the word started off meaning well-bred, then changed to meaning elegant and smart before moving towards the sort of jaunty we know today.

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