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Thursday, 8 December 2016

A souvenir of the coronation: a rant.

Sometimes context is everything.

Tributes have been made after the sad death of Margaret Rhodes, cousin and life-long friend of Queen Elizabeth II and by all accounts a sparky and dependable person.

The Telegraph of 29/11/16 reported:

There was a lack of formality about the place [Mrs Rhodes' house] that Her Majesty seems to have liked. Mrs Rhodes had in her downstairs loo...the stool that she sat on when in attendance at the coronation in 1953.

Well, I suppose if you were going to keep it anywhere...

Word To Use Today: stool. The Old English version of this word was stōl, which has an ancient Greek relation (also like our dear Queen), stulos, which means pillar. The object in question is called a stool because some people in the world have a habit of sitting on something rather like one when Nature calls.

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