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Friday, 30 December 2016

Word To Use Today: Friday.

Friday. It's a Friday

Yes, I know it doesn't feel like a Friday, but it is.

As it happens, it's quite unusual that today is a Friday (no, I know they come round every seven days, but December 29th is more commonly a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Or, indeed, a Sunday or Monday. Only Wednesday is as bad at being December 29th as a Friday. This must be true because it says so on Wikipedia, but I do not pretend to understand it).

Friday is an important day for many religions of the world, some faiths feasting and some fasting, but I must just note that in Thailand Friday is blue. (I don't understand this, either.)

Some Fridays are famously unlucky, though Good Friday is supposed to be the best day for sowing your parsley.

Particularly enchanting is the report that the goddess after whom Friday is named used to (and perhaps still does) spin the clouds.

painting by John Charles Dollman

Isn't that lovely?

Word To Use Today: Friday. This word comes from the Old English Frīgedæg, day of Frige. Frige is rather like the goddess Venus, after whom Fridays in France, for example, are named.

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