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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Thing To Do Today: curry something.

Well, we've had our roast turkey/chicken/goose, we've eaten it cold the next day, and now, quite frankly, we'd be rather relieved if the cat stole it.

But sadly even the cat is turning up its delicate nose at the drying strings of meat attached to the carcase, and so we're going to have to give the stuff a jolly good currying.

File:Cashew Curry.JPG
photo by Prasadsovani

Onions, ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, chilli; then whatever else you happen to fancy - coconut, tomatoes, cream, cashews; then more coriander (fresh this time); your cold meat or left-over veggie roast; and then suddenly the scent of it all is bringing everyone hurrying to sit down with a new and hearty appetite. 

What else can you curry? Goat; potatoes; a rug (this will not involve onions, obviously, but rather beating it briskly to clean it); leather (you curry leather after the tanning process to make the stuff flexible and waterproof); favour (where you are very very nice to someone with money or power); or a horse (which might involve onions etc, but will probably be part of its grooming routine).

And then what?

Then, heaven help us, we start thinking about food for the blessed New Year.

Thing To Do Today: curry something. The food word comes from the Tamil kari, which means sauce or relish. All the other meanings comes from the Old French correer, to make ready.

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