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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Christmas Party? Problem Solved!: a rant.

Party to go to? Wondering what to wear?

Is it really true that all-over sequins will present no danger of someone confusing you with the cold buffet salmon?

Will your habit of going into a fit of screaming agony at every attack of cramp really not take away the glamour of those killer heels?

Will the Rudolf-the-reindeer sweater with the light-up nose really not damage your promotion prospects?

Fear not, because all these problems are at an end. You can simply wear...

...a suit made entirely out of bubblewrap.

Yes, that's right. You can get them at for a very reasonable £17.99. The thing even features a modest hood and, as the catalogue so helpfully tells us, it is 'perfect for almost every occasion.'

So there we are. Social success is just a click away.

Do send pictures.

Word To Use Today: bubble. This word came to English from Scandinavia. My dictionary says it is of imitative origin. This sort of makes sense to me, though I have no idea why.

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