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Friday, 5 May 2017

Word To Use Today: puckerood.

What does puckerood mean?

Well, what do you think?

It sounds like what happens when someone's puckered up for a kiss only to be fobbed off with a twitched eyebrow, a frosty Good Morning! and a brisk handshake (and now I come to think about it we really need a word for that) but sadly puckerood means to be absolutely shattered, or to be ruined.

It's a New Zealand word, but the Kiwis are a generous lot and I'm sure they wouldn't mind the rest of us borrowing it.

Perhaps we could even use it as an excuse not to kiss people.

File:Sunbathe, deck chair, shadow Fortepan 11607.jpg
photo: Foto fortepan ID 15607, Wein Sarolta

Word To Use Today: puckerood. This word comes from the Māori pakaru to shatter.

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