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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunday Rest: plain turkey. Words Not To Use Today.

It's not often you hear a turkey described as handsome:

photo by Greg Hume 

so calling a poor bird a plain turkey is, I think, particularly unkind, even if it lives in wide flat places.

Plain Turkey: photo by TonyCastro 

Oh, I see: that sort of a plain. 

Luckily the poor bird has a scientific name, Ardeotis australis, and other common English names. Mind you, sadly those names include Australian bustard and orange-footed scrubfowl.

Ah well. 

In the Aboriginal language Arrernte, the name for the plain turkey is kere artewe

I think I'm going to go for that.

Words Not To Use Today: plain turkey. I mean, even if you're wanting to eat the usual sort of turkey as a Sunday lunch, it's really probably best not to have the poor beast plain.

The word turkey's origins can be found HERE.

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