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Thursday, 31 August 2017

A proper apology: a rant.

Look, when I need to look at a webpage and all that comes up on display is that stupid buffering circle swooping round and dismally round then I deserve a proper apology.

Something like this:

We regret that this webpage has proved impossible to load. We apologise for the slow-running of our service and for any inconvenience caused. 

Please click RELOAD, or revisit this webpage at some other time. Thank you.

See? Straightforward and dignified. 

What does no good at all is coming up with a square sad face above a sign that says:

 Aw Snap!

(Aw Snap? What language is that, for heaven's sake?)

followed by:

Something went wrong with displaying this webpage

which, guess what, we already knew.

Good grief. I mean, how many deaths from enraged apoplexy do these people want on their consciences?

Word To Use Today: apologise. This word comes from the Old French apologie, from the Greek apologia, a verbal defence, from apo- away from, or off, plus logos, speech.

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