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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Thing To Do Today: spruce yourself up.

A model, as seen on a catwalk, is a Work of Art. He has been primped, plucked, pumped, polished, primed and posed to be as perfectly pretty as a picture.

File:Ny Nordisk Mode, Catwalk.jpg
photo by Benjamin Suomela

His body is a thing of such splendour that it takes on a haze of grandeur even if wearing an unironed T shirt and an ancient pair of jeans.

File:Male Model John Quinlan 4.jpg
John Quinlan, photo by Sandra Kimball

But on you?

Look, it's the difference between Tracey Emin's unmade bed and your own: it's fine for everyday when no one much is looking, but not for when you show people round.

And anyway, putting on a less stinky T shirt wouldn't do any harm, would it.

Thing To Do Today: spruce yourself up. The first item of spruce clothing was a jerkin made from spruce leather:

Picture of jerkin.jpg

which was reckoned dead smart in the late 1500s. The leather, like the timber of the spruce tree, came from Prussia, which gave us the word spruce.

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