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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Thing Not To Be Today: shooglie.

I earnestly commend the most excellent Scottish word shooglie, especially to those in the USA. 

Of particular interest might be the expression his jacket's hanging on a shooglie peg, which means he's a great danger of getting fired.

Shooglie means shaky, which is an undesirable thing in a coat peg, chair leg, or any means of transport (a Glasgow tram: 

File:Glasgow Coronation tram.JPG

is nicknamed a shooglie.) (Photo by Kim Traynor

But if you have a shoogle (yes, I do mean shoogle) then you might be dancing (though probably not very well), or rocking a baby, or rearranging your ornaments.

Shooglie and shoogle: both lovely words, and I can't think however we managed without them.

Thing Not To Be Today: shooglie. This word might well be something to do with the German schaukeln, to shake.

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