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Monday, 4 September 2017

Spot the Frippet: something apiculate.

No, this is easy. All you have to do is find some leaves, have a good look at them, and see if you can find one with a sharply pointed tip. 

That leaf is apiculate.

File:Fall beech leaves in sun.jpg
photo of beech leaves by Dcrjsr

To be apiculate the leaf must be quite fat in the middle, so pine needles don't count.

File:Hazel sawfly caterpillars.JPG
photo by MEBeton (yes, all right, but that hazel leaf was apiculate before it was nibbled by those annoying Hazel sawfly lavae, okay?)

If you are uninterested in greenery, and see nothing in the countryside so wonderful as yourself, then (as your colossal brain will no doubt have already informed you) all you have to do is take out that sharpened pencil which you keep ready to note down each gem of your shining genius, and admire the point.

Whether you are actually cleverer than a leaf, though, which can turn carbon dioxide into fuel, and replenish the atmosphere with oxygen (as well as often being beautiful and shady, and sometimes deliciously edible) I'm not entirely sure.

Let alone a sharp one.

Word To Use Today: apiculate. This word comes from the Latin apiculātus, from apiculus, a short point. It's connected to the word apex.

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