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Friday, 1 September 2017

Word To Use Today: bartizan.

Yes, all right, this is a fairly useless word, but it reminds me The Simpsons so I like it anyway. Think of it as a challenge.

A bartizan, for those to whom the word is new, is a small turret projecting from a wall, parapet or tower.

You know the sort of thing:

File:Chambers 1908 Bartisan.png

How to use it?

The kitchen resembled a particularly well-appointed morgue, with utensils for dismemberment contained in small buckets which hung from rails like bartizans from a mediaeval curtain wall.


Well, I told you it was a challenge, didn't I?

Word To Use Today: bartizan. This word is a version of bertisene, which is itself a mistake because what people were trying to say was bretising. it comes from bretasce, parapet and might come from the Latin Brīto, a Briton.

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