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Monday, 7 January 2019

Spot the Frippet: finial.

It's easy in midwinter to hunch against the weather and see no further than the flagstones under your boots.

(Yes, friends in Australia and New Zealand and other southern climes, feel smug if you must. The rest of us are suffering here.)

So, to encourage you to look up (though not if it's actually hailing), then how about seeing if you can spot a finial? It'll probably be sticking up from the top of a spire, dome, or roof end.

File:Taj Mahal top of finial.jpg
Taj Mahal. Photo by Rob Pinion (Robpinion)

File:Roof finial - - 993011.jpg

Thorns, Suffolk, England, Photo: Keith Evans / Roof finial / CC BY-SA 2.0

File:Fence Post Finial from the Jerathmeel Peirce House, Salem, Massachusetts MET 138508.jpg
This elegant object was designed by Samuel McIntire for a fence post at the Jerathmeel Peirce House in Salem, Massachusetts, USA.

File:Chartres cathedral.jpg
Chartres Cathedral in France.

If you are surrounded by modern undecorated tower blocks then you may yet find a finial on a piece of furniture:

File:Chairs (France), 1780รข€“90 (CH 18464635).jpg
The finials on this French chair are on the thing's shoulders.

Do have fun searching - and even if you don't find a finial, then just a glimpse of two of the sky, however grey, will, I hope, be very cheering.

Spot the Frippet: finial. This is basically the same word as final. The Latin word finis means limit or boundary.

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