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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Thing To Do Today: be resolute.

I'll post this in nice small quiet writing, just in case you're still feeling delicate after last night's celebrations.

If you are, then you'll already have decided that today is a day for being resolute.

It'll be a day to vow never again to look upon the wine when it's red (or white or rosé). Never again, for that matter, to look upon the beer when it's brown; or the cider when it looks as sparkling as the best champagne, though in a much bigger glass.

And I don't suppose you ever want to be in the same room as a bottle of advocaat.

Your other resolutions might involve never again going anywhere near any of the people who were at last night's party (could you really have done that? With a police horse? Surely that memory must be some dreadful alcohol-induced hallucination. Please. Please!).

Still, I don't know, visitors to The Word Den are a gloriously varied lot, and so perhaps you spent yesterday stone cold sober and in some improving activity like dusting your photographs-of-lamp-posts collection, or visiting the poor.

Well, in that case, how about resolving not to be quite so flipping smug, then!

Thing To Be Today: resolute. The Latin resolvere means to resolve.

Happy New Year!

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