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Friday, 11 January 2019

Word To Use Today: thyme.

In the dead of winter a scattering of herbs over dinner can bring a welcome remembrance of summers past.

(Though it's probably best not to try it on a doughnut.)

For those of us whose regularly produce food fit for the Gods (that is, our cooking more akin to a burnt offering than something meant for human consumption) I recommend the herb thyme:

photo by Evan-Amos

 a word whose derivation provides everyone with the most wonderful and complete excuse for their utter lack of skill.

File:Overcooked Pizza.jpg
photo by Kevin Payravi

Word To Use Today: thyme. (You say it the same as the word time.) This word comes from the Old French thym, from the Latin thymum, from the Greek thumon, from thuein, to make a burnt offering.

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