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Thursday, 3 January 2019

The Destruction of the internet: a rant.

The other day I found something wonderfully funny HERE (but don't bother to follow the link because it's not there any more).

It made me laugh and laugh, but then today when I went back to the article to show it to you, I found the funny bit had been quietly corrected. And so now a source of delight to the world has vanished forever.

The internet is a wonderful thing, but I do wish that mistypings and Cupertino errors had the eternal life of misprints.

Still, never mind, I can still tell you about it.

The article concerns a radio programme of Prince Charles's favourite music, and it mentions a very great and famous deceased conductor famed throughout the world (or so I thought) for his leadership of that marvellous orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic. 

Yes, that's right: Herbert von Carrion.

But now they've gone and corrected Carrion to Karajan.

The fools!

Word To Use Today: carrion. This word comes from the Anglo-French caroine, from the Latin carō, flesh.

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