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Monday, 11 January 2021

Spot the Frippet: hunx and hunks.

 A hunk is a large irregularly shape piece of something.

Rock sometimes comes in hunks:

photo of the Twelve O'Clock Rock, Trink Hill, by Jim Champion


and so does bread when it's been torn and not sliced.

The other kind of hunk is a large good-looking man:

photo by nathanmac87

A hunx, on the other hand, is an old and grumpy man who is probably also a miser, and so, I should imagine, not nearly so fanciable.

The proportion of hunks to hunx you can spot will depend on how fussy or available or generous you are.

Which ratio of hunks to hunx reflects best on the observer is an interesting question; but it's not one to which I can provide any answer.

Spot the Frippet: hunks and hunx. The word hunk probably comes from the Flemish word hunke. The Dutch homp means lump. The word hunx has been around since about 1600. It might have started out as a reference to some character in particular, but no one really knows.

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