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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Thing Not To Be Today: low.

 Okay so it's midwinter for most of us, there's a global pandemic going on, the economy is at the point of death, and parties of all kinds are forbidden.

Still, at least it's...


The honest truth, though, is that we do have some excuse for feeling a bit low

If there was a universal cure for lowness then that would be lovely, but there's not. 

Still, here are a few things which might be of assistance: a bit of self-help (hot baths, food treats (a moderately healthy one will stop you feeling worse after consumption); a good book; earning some money; TV; parcels; going fishing/for a walk/some exercise; hugs (even hugging a pillow might be worth a try)); and then there's a bit of help-others (phone a friend, make a donation to charity, run an errand). Or you can help yourself and others at the same time by creating something (a cake, a novel, a garden, a picture) or learning something (to knit, to play the guitar, to make mayonnaise or bird boxes).

The worst thing you can do is to be low in the sense of cunning and wicked. That helps no one, because nasty people, after all, aren't generally distinguished for their happiness.

Thing Not To Be Today: low. The word meaning sad and the word meaning wicked come from the same source, the Old Norse lāgr. There are similar Dutch and Frisian words.

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