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Sunday, 10 January 2021

Sunday Rest: shym.

 We've long had sheds, and we've long had offices, and now, in these times of WFH (Working From Home) lockdown we have shoffices.

At least, when I say we, I don't personally have an office in a shed. I don't need one because I already have a garret. It's rather spartan, and I am writing this wrapped in a blanket and wearing mittens, but oh, I feel so...what's the word? Creative? Romantic?

No. I think the word is actually cold

Ah well!

Anyway, shoffice as a word is a bit silly, but you can see what it means. In any case, heaven knows but we could do with a little light silliness at the moment. 

But what's a shym?

If you can't guess then I'd say that's reason enough to leave the horrible little word alone.

Sunday Rest: shym. A shym is a home gym in a shed. The word gymnasium comes from the Greek gumnasion, which means, um, gymnasium, from gumnazein, to exercise, from gumnos, naked (I never thought I'd say it, but thank heavens for lycra). The Old English form of shed was sceadan.

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