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Thursday, 1 April 2021

Craftpersonship: a rant.

 I see that a titled gentleman has taken up a position in American company which aims to facilitate craftpersonship.

This makes me wonder two things:

First, what on earth might craftpersonship be when it's at home?

And, second, is it inevitable that I will gradually lose any ability I presently have to communicate clearly with other people?

Word To Consider With Bafflement, Fear and Loathing Today: craftpersonship. The word craft comes from the Old English cræft, skill or strength, and is related to the Old Norse kraptr, power. The word person comes from the Latin word persona, which means actor's mask, or a character in a play. The ending -ship comes from the Old English -scipe, and here probably implies skill. So craftpersonship might mean the skill of being a skilled person.

And what that might imply I really haven't a clue.

PS: No, I only wish this were an April Fool! 

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