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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Going right down the toilet - a rant.

People are afraid, you know. Very afraid.

You see, there's a WC sign on the new Porthmadog bypass, and apparently people are in terror of its becoming a rallying-point for Welsh nationalist campaigners.

(That Porthmadog bypass is causing no end of trouble. There's already been a huge fuss about the £650,000 they spent on a bridge to help bats cross the road.)

Anyway, Eric Jones, an Independent member of the district language sub-committee said: 'There's nothing wrong with WC, we all understand what it means...but...I wouldn't be surprised if somebody does not agree with me.'

He's right about WC. Large numbers of people, even in such far-flung places as Germany, Italy, Holland, Hungary and France use WC all the time.
But in Wales, apparently, rouses desperate passions.

So what to do?

Well, I would suggest the district language sub-committee meeting should go something like this.

Can we have a sign saying Toiled as well as WC, please?

Yes, all right.

I think that would solve the problem.

Because I'd really hate to think of the poor Welsh Nationalists hanging round under the WC sign on the Porthmadog bypass.

Word To Use Today: nationalist. This word is from nation, of course, from the Latin word nātiō, birth or tribe, from nascī, to be born.

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