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Friday, 28 October 2011

Word To Use Today: queen.

There are a million fascinating things about queens, most of which, naturally, I don't know.


A queen bee produces the queen substance, which her workers eat. This stops them laying eggs and becoming queens themselves. Cunning, huh?

This doesn't happen with humans.

Queen Mab is a fairy who rules over men's dreams.

Queen of puddings is a mixture of breadcrumbs and custard topped with jam and meringue. doesn't sound that queenly to me. I think marketing has a lot to answer for with that one.

Queen's evidence is when a villain betrays his accomplices.

A queen bed is larger than an ordinary bed. This is odd, because England's queens, at least, have been mostly rather short.
Ah well, I suppose they need somewhere to put their crowns and corgis and stuff.

If you take the Queen's shilling then you've enlisted in the British army, though nowadays you don't actually get one. (A shilling is the same as a five pence coin).

And if you have Queen Anne legs then they are rather fat and very bulgy and you are probably an item of furniture.
So that's all right.

Word To Use Today: queen. This word comes from the Old English cwēn. It's related to the Saxon quān and the Gothic qēns, both of which mean wife.

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