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Friday, 14 October 2011

Word To Use Today: morris.

There are morrises galore, you know.

There's morris dancing, of course. Grown men (usually men) with bells and beer bellies, leaping about to folk music and often brandishing handkerchiefs or sticks or bladders.

Then there's Nine Men's Morris, a board game that's probably been played since Roman times.

And don't forget the cars produced by William Morris's car factory, of which the Morris Minor has to be the most famous, and probably the most loveable.

As if that isn't enough, there are all the works of the other Willam Morris. That's William Morris the artist, furniture designer,

 novelist, poet, revolutionary, mediaevalist, socialist, founder of the fantasy genre and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, translator, publisher, weaver, and embroiderer.

You know, the one who's famous for

Ah well!

Word To Use Today: morris. The car and the chair are named after their respective William Morrises, and the dance name originally meant Moorish, that is, North African Islamic.

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