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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday Rave: Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks by Alan Coren.

If Alan Coren's words are available then there's no need for many of mine.

I'll say just two things. 1)Alan Coren was a genius. 2)Alan Coren made me cry with joy and laughter.


"JULIAN: Hung be the heavens with black, yield day to night!
The hols are but a short week old, and now
There comes such news as Hecate herself
Would quake to hear of! Five years of study gone
And now I learn that all I have to show
Is two O-levels, one Eng Lit., one Maths!
Five subjects failed, and I one subject felled
By failure to as fell a fall as folly

Enter Timmy, a dog.

         Ah Timmy! Had I but the joy
 Of e'en thy meanest flea, I were in luck!

TIMMY:  Arf! Arf!"

Sorry...must stop there...keyboard in danger of being short-circuited by tears of laughter.

And I've got THE POOH ALSO RISES to read, next, too.

Word To Use Today: subject. This word comes from the Latin subjectus, which means brought under, and before that from the Latin sub, which often means under, and jacere, to throw.

To throw???

Ah well! That probably makes sense to somebody. Somewhere.


  1. I must apologise for the recently wonky comments function on this blog.

    I'm just posting this to find out if it's been fixed.

  2. Hurray!

    Alan Coren's brilliant, isn't he.

  3. Yes, he jolly well is and it's ace to be reminded of that fact. I too am weak with laughter...and hurray for a fixed comments function.