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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thing To Do Today: snoop.

This is a simply gorgeous word, though I'm not sure whether to recommend it as an activity.

It's fine, of course, if you're on the side of the angels, as Miss Nora Van Snoop undoubtedly was. In 1898 Miss van Snoop had the honour of being one of the first women to star in a detective story.

Her name couldn't have made things easy for her, either. 

The story was by Clarence Rook and was called The Stir Outside The Café Royal.

As it happens, Snoop Dogg has also had a long and varied association with the law.

If you fly a snoopy mission, you'll be in one of two helicopters, one flying at tree-level to draw fire from concealed positions, and the other providing back-up.
And if the snoopy mission takes place at night, then you'd need a snooperscope, which uses infra-red light to allow you to see in the dark.

We must all be grateful to those who snoop out criminal activity and, sometimes, scandal.

But as far as being Snoopy is concerned, I think this character really takes some beating.
Thing For Angels To Do Today: snoop. This word is from the 19th century Dutch word snoepen, which means to eat furtively.

Now that's easy.

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