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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Rave: Chocky by John Wyndham

Dad is oiling the lawnmower when he hears Matthew's voice.

'I heard him say, on a note of distinct irritation, and apropos, apparently, of nothing:
"I don't know. It's just the way things are." '

But when Dad goes to find out who's annoying his son, he discovers that Matthew is alone.

Is this is simple game of make-believe?

Is Matthew going mad?

Or could there, just possibly, be something real about the voice in Matthew's head?

Gosh, this is one of the stickiest books I ever read: it's a book that sticks to your fingers, I mean, so you can't put it down.

It's an oddly beautiful book, too, full of compassion as well as excitement.

And how clever John Wyndham was to start the book with that lawnmower, which places disquiet right in the middle of our everyday lives.

Don't start Chocky unless you've got time to finish it, that's all.

Word To Use Today: nothing. This is two words put together, of course, no and thing. No comes from the Old English , which was from nān, which means none; and thing is also an Old English word which meant assembly.

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