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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Rest. Word Not To Use Today: effulgent.

Effulgent could never be an elegant word. It could be rather a useful one, though, if its meaning matched its sound. Then, of course, it would mean needing to burp.

Unfortunately effulgent doesn't mean needing to burp. It means radiant, as in the effulgent bride...

...actually, not as in the effulgent bride. That would surely be enough ruin the poor girl's day.

Effulgent is really best saved, a group of vicious, over-fed, radio-active rats might qualify, I suppose.


 I do hope you don't find yourself having to use effulgent today.

Word Not To Use Today: effulgent. This word was made up in the 1700s by some fool with more Latin than sense. It comes from effulgēre, which means to shine forth.

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