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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Rest: Word Not to Use Today: moron.

We're all fools, of course, especially today, which is April Fools' Day. But that doesn't mean that we're morons, does it.
Is there a heavier, more honking word in the language than moron?
One more full of bad-feeling and contempt?
Well, I can't think of one, at the moment.

Amusingly, there used to be a place called Moron in California, but its name has now been changed to Taft (a taft, as if happens, is a flattened end to a bit of lead piping). 

A moron is also an extra gene that's sometimes found in a bacteria-infecting virus.
Oh, and as a final word of persuasion on this subject, may I just remind you of an old saying?

It takes one to know one.

Word Not To Use Today: moron. This word comes from the Greek word mōros, which means foolish.

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  1. I think the TAFT thing is even more interesting than the moron stuff. Who knew? Moron is not a word I think I've ever used in any context, I'm happy to say!