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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Rest: Word Not To Use Today: fascicule.

Is there a more revolting word than fascicule?

It sounds like a symptom of a disease: a fascicule of the left kidney...eeergh!

As it happens, a fascicule is actually something quite harmless. It's an instalment of a story.

'Peter!' cried Ginger, his legs kicking wildly as he tried to find a purchase on the crumbling rock of the cliff. 'Peter, save me!'

Will Peter save Ginger, or will the pharoah's curse strike again? See next week's thrilling fascicule!

Terrible things, are fascicules. Now I'm dying to know what happens next - and I don't even know who Peter and Ginger are, yet.

Word Not To Use Today: fascicule. Look, using fascicule instead of instalment will just make you look ridiculous. Don't do it!

The word fascicule comes from the Latin word fasciculus, a small bundle, from fascis, a bundle.

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