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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lovely and fantastic: a rant.

Good grief, I'd only phoned to book a table.

Prue? Could you spell that for me?

For you? Well, it seems a little early in our acquaintance for you to start asking favours, but, yes, I can certainly spell it.

That's lovely.

Prue? Lovely? No it's not. Prue is weird and unlikely. Bethany Honeyblossom is lovely; Estella Bunnynose is lovely. Sally Prue sounds like a cheap Country and Western singer.

Now, can you just confirm your address for me?

No, I can't, because I haven't told you it in the first place. But I can tell you it.


Fantastic? My address? So, is it 36 Unicorn Avenue? 16 Goldilocks and the Three Bears Drive? 173 Blue Beard's Coming To Get You Mwa-ha-ha Crescent?  Nope. Nothing like that at all.

Oh, but this woman is so nice. She's cooing at me like a love-stricken dove who's just got back from the advanced customer satisfaction course. So do I point out all the frankly ridiculous things she keeps saying to me? Or do I answer her questions politely and leave her to drive all her other customers to distraction?

Well, why do think I'm still fuming?

I was fantastic and lovely, of course.

Word To Use Today: fantastic. This word started off in English in the 1300s as fantastik. It came from the Greek phantastikos, capable of imagining, from phantazein, to make visible.


  1. And the other thing about being called Sally Prue is that practically everyone calls me Sue!

    Mind you, I called Katherine Kathryn the other day - sorry, Kath - so now we're quits!

  2. Sally Prue sounds like a beautiful maiden from a folk song and not a Country Singer, cheap or otherwise, to my ear! And I say fantastic all the time with no real reason for doing so...mea culpa! Think I also say lovely a lot...oh dear. But as for Bluebeard's address...I'm making a note of that! It's brilliant! Ie, it shines and sparkles in one's mind!

  3. You're lovely, Adele! (Surely that's okay if it's true.)
    As for sounding like a beautiful maiden, I fear everyone's in for a crushing disappointment on both counts...