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Friday, 28 September 2012

Word To Use Today: stammel.

You don't know what stammel is?

Well, be grateful.

Stammel is a sort of coarse woollen cloth. It's usually dyed a rather unpleasant red:

This colour is called stammel.

and it's used to make underclothes.

I'm itching already!

A stammel can also be a large awkward mare, or what John Ash in 1775 called a bouncing wench. John Ash also said that stammel is a sort of bay colour, but as far as I know no one else agrees with him.

The janissaries, the fierce fighters of Ottoman Turkey, are said to have worn stammel breeches:

So now we know why they were so bad-tempered, don't we.

Word To Use Today: stammel. This word comes from the Old French estamin, from the Latin stāmen, a thread.


  1. If there's anything I like better than finding a new word in the Den which I don't know, it's finding the name for a new fabric or colour! Wonderful....but I have to take issue with you about the colour. I rather love it! It is the exact colour of a coat I have just inherited from a friend and it suits me!! So there!

  2. No, I've checked and my coat is a bit darker than stammel. But still I like this colour too.