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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Thing To Do Today: be quirky.

Why be dull?

Why drink coffee for breakfast when you can have custard?

Why wear a suit when a toga is so much cooler?

Why walk to school when jumping is so good for the heart?


Oh, all right, if you want to be boring...

In that case you'll have to hope that you encounter some quirk of fate. That you drop a penny and find it blocking the burrow of a small snake whose bite makes you irresistible. That the bit of paper you find in your library book turns out to be the winning ticket for the lottery. Or the location of the buried treasure.

If that's still too exciting for you then I can offer you the sort of quirk which is a groove or a v-shaped cut in an architectural moulding, or a flourish, especially in handwriting.

Go on. Anyone can do one of those!

All the best,

Sally Prue

Thing To Do Today: be quirky. This word arrived in English in the 1500s, but from where it came is unfortunately a mystery.

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