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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Being cryptic: a rant

Here's another quote from the language expert Sugata Mitra, who's professor of educational technology at Newcastle University.

“I often skip grammar and write in a cryptic way.”

Well, I agree that being cryptic is sometimes useful. I write birthday and Christmas lists in Γρηκ* letters, for instance, to baffle snoopers.

I hope Professor Mitra has an excellent memory, though, because cryptic writing has a habit of becoming swiftly impenetrable.

I've got a note here that I made only last week. It says celadon crank pub date.

Now, why did I write that? To remind me of something I should be doing? Or someone I should be meeting?

Or someone I should be avoiding?

Crank..., that doesn't help. That could be almost anybody.

Thing To Be Jolly Careful About Being Today: cryptic. This word comes from the Late Latin crypticus, from the Greek kruptein, to hide.

*Pronounced Greek.


  1. The professor's just full of gems isn't he. :)

    Let us know if you ever remember what celadon crank pub date is about. It sounds intriguing!

    1. Well, I think on reflection that the PUB probably stood for publication - and publishers really can be VERY odd.
      Though not usually, I have to admit, pale green...